Monday, May 25, 2015

2015 Tee Bookings

Thursday Strokes

The tee is reserved every Thursday at 10am for 8 players throughout the season to provide an opportunity for those RPGC members who would like to play in the Thursday Stroke at that time. (The Thursday Stroke is a means of playing Supplementary Rounds under Medal conditions for handicap maintenance purposes.) Thursday Stroke rounds can also tee-off at other times during the day.

Sunday 26th July: Course closed 8am - 12 noon for Club Championship and Seniors' Competition.
Saturday 31st July at 3.30pm: Tee reserved for 10 players (David Smith).

Sunday 1st August at 11.30am: Tee reserved for 9 players (Ghyll McCallum)
Monday 3rd August at 10.30am and 2pm: Tee reserved for 14 players (Frances Lander).
Sunday 9th August: Course closed 8am - 12 noon for Medal.
Friday 14th August: Course closed for shotgun (9am-2pm), 35 players (Alex Davidson)
Thursday 20th August at 2pm: Tee reserved cfor 8 players (Mr Crouch)
Tuesday 25th August at 10.30am: Tee reserved for 12 players (Margaret Douglas)
Friday 28th August: Court v Senate. Course closed from 12.30pm.
Sunday 30th August: Course closed 8am-2pm for Cook-McGinness Friendship Challenge, shotgun start.

Sunday 13th September: Captain's Trophy (Shotgun start). Course closed 8am - 2pm).
Thursday 22nd September at 10.30am. Tee reserved for 20 players (Mr Cuthbertson)

Please note Local Rule 4 - Continuous Play (on the scorecard). Players playing their 10th should be given alternate access to the tee by those starting a round. This rule also applies to groups who may have reserved the tee for a specific time.


Jim Brooks said...

Hi Allan, wondered if there has been any consideration to a 'weekend' arrangement, similar to the Thursday stroke? Appreciate there are competition medals on various Sundays throughout the year, however certain months do lack regular medal condition competitions. Those less able to play mid week might benefit from opportunity to card a score each week, but on a weekend. Many thanks Jim.

Mohamed Sameer said...

this is good post