Monday, March 23, 2015

2015 AGM and Opening Muster - Results

Thanks to everyone who came along to the AGM and Opening Muster yesterday (Sunday 22 March) and helped to make it a successful and enjoyable day. Our efforts to ensure that the business part of the day would be completed in less than an hour worked only too well. In fact, we finished the AGM with half an hour to spare, but this only gave us the problem of coping with the rush to get out on the Golf Course and getting information to those who were arriving in expectation of an eleven o'clock tee-off for the Opening Muster. Inevitably this resulted in a small degree of confusion but it all sorted itself out, allbeit with a couple of teams having just two members instead of the desired 3 or 4. Fortunately this did not affect the results.

The Opening Muster is a scratch competition over 9 holes so that all members can participate despite the status of their current handicaps. The teams are selected by the Committee so as to result, hopefully, in an even mix of abilities in each team. The contest is over just 9 holes so that - a) we can be broken in gently to the new season, and b) we can finish in time for lunch. This year we decided to have separate male and female teams, and from all the evidence it looked as if this had the desired result of allowing new and not so new members the opportunity to get to know each other.

The winning team for the gents was that captained by Ian Brownlie which had a team average score of 43.7 for the 9 holes. Isobel Millar's team won the prize for the ladies with a team score of 55.5. Moira Ferry's team was not far behind on 56.25. The gents' longest drive was won by Robert Frame and the ladies' by Jenny Harvey. Nearest the hole at the 6th was won by Ian Brownlie.

The AGM business was concluded very smoothly and rapidly.

Euan Webster drew attention to an unintended omission in our proposals for the updating of the Constitution. This is in the process of being corrected and will result in there only being one Captain of the Golf Club in future, who may be either male or female, rather than the present requirement to have a gents' and a ladies' captain. In fact the wording of the entire Constitution will be checked and altered where necessary to ensure that any office-bearer may be male or female.

Elaine Horner asked if consideration could be given to having a greater number of Stableford competitions amongst those in our Fixture List. There was general agreement to this request and the Committee are currently deciding which competitions or medals can become Stablefords. An updated Fixture List will be sent out very soon.

Thanks to David Laird for his considerable help in organising the Opening Muster and for providing the prizes for longest drives and nearest the hole from his own resources.

Here's looking forward to many nice warm sunny days on our course this year.

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