Sunday, March 23, 2014

Suspension of Play

At the AGM (2014) we indicated that we were looking into establishing a procedure for dealing with situations where severe weather results in play needing to be suspended. This has now been done and is detailed below. We have tried to keep this as simple as possible. It applies to Medals and other competitions organised by RPGC and played at Ross Priory Golf Course.

In severe weather conditions the course can become unplayable and, therefore, play must be suspended. The course can be declared unplayable by any member of the Committee. If no Committee member is available, then any ordinary member, with the corroboration of at least two other ordinary members, may declare the course unplayable. Play may be resumed later in the same day if the course becomes playable again. Resumed play must commence at the hole immediately following the last completed hole before play was suspended.

In Medals, cards for completed rounds should be submitted as usual. Cards for incomplete rounds should also be submitted but marked as "play suspended".

Qualifying competitions at Ross Priory are the John McBeth Memorial, the Club Championship, and the Seniors' competition, and procedures are slightly different.

If, at the end of play for the day, fewer than half of the entrants have completed their rounds, the competition will be declared null and void and will be re-scheduled for a later date. If, however, 50% or more of the entrants have completed their rounds they may either, choose to submit their cards, or, they may choose the option available to those members who did not finish their rounds and replay their entire rounds at any time up to and including the 7th day following the original date of the competition.

Non-qualifying competitions comprise the Cook-McGinness Challenge, the Captain's Trophy, and the Lamb Quaich. If play needs to be suspended during any of these competitions, the organisers will make a decision at the time regarding re-scheduling or any other solution.

In all cases, if the course is declared unplayable in the morning, before the start of play, or during the early part of the day, and it appears that the course will likely be closed for the rest of the day, every effort will be made to get a Notice to that effect onto the Blog, Masterscoreboard , or the Course Closure answering machine (01389 830 719) as soon as possible.

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